Recent / Ongoing Work

Restore Computer Solutions


Restore Computer Solutions is a company that I started back in 2010.Over the years I have built a small clientele, that I do business with in many aspects of I.T. including Network and Desktop Support and Web Development

Oblik Fitness


Oblik Fitness is a personal training company that provides resources for trainers to meet and train clients.

Real Estate Education Center

The Real Estate Education Center is a grant that was given to the Saddleback College Real Estate division in 2016.The Center helps train,support,educate and bring the real estate community both new aspiring and existing agents together as a networking system within there community. I designed,developed ad currently maintain there website.

Laguna College of Art + Design

I am currently helping redesign the new college website on a Drupal Custom build.



Technutty is a passion project of mine that I launched January of 2017.I have learned my trade from hundreds of people around the world through youtube, forums and other avenues. Unfortunately there is only so much quality information out on the internet regarding technology.With Technutty my goal is to provide a high quality learning experience that covers topics from start to finish about technology that is being used in the industry. I will provide video tutorials and forums that will help users find answers to obscurer topics in the technology field.

I Bake Um


I Bake Um is a new client of mine that bakes Lahvash bread.The distribute there products nationally to stores such as Walmart and Costco.

Saddleback College

One of the websites I launched and developed is the current Saddleback College site.I co-designed the website with the input of faculty,staff and a fellow Webmaster.